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Children's Hepatitis B Clinic

The children's Hepatitis B Clinic is held on a monthly basis and sees children in Leeds who are at risk of vertical transmission of Hepatitis ‘B’, this means the baby is at risk of acquiring Hepatitis B from their mother in pregnancy or at delivery.

Children are referred to Dr Gregory from the screening midwives in Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust after finding a positive maternal Hepatitis ‘B’ result. Some referrals are from a GP or public health centre if someone is new to the area. 

The baby will have their first Hepatitis ‘B’ injection within 24 hours of birth and the rest are arranged in the community at the GP surgery. This is monitored by the liaison Health Visitor who ensures the children have their immunisations on time.

Community Paediatrics is notified that babies (patients) have been born.  When they are one year old they will have a final appointment (providing they have had at least 3 Hepatitis ‘B’ injections). At this appointment they have blood taken to check for their response to the vaccine and to test whether they are infected or not. They are also given their fourth vaccine if they have not already received it.

Parents and/or carers are then written to with the results. Patients normally only need one appointment and then they are discharged. Occasionally children may need repeat testing, but this is unusual.

At the appointment we also ensure both parents have been managed i.e. mother is under follow up by the hepatology service and father has been tested and managed appropriately.

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