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Children's Growth and Nutrition Service

The Growth and Nutrition service provides multi-disciplinary clinics and home visiting for assessment, investigation and management of babies and children, living in Leeds, who have problems with faltering weight and/or complex feeding or eating difficulties.

The service vision is to provide a holistic assessment and intervention plan for children aged up to 7 years with complex feeding and/or growth difficulties, where satisfactory progress has not been achieved through primary intervention.

This multi-disciplinary team includes community paediatricians, specialist health visitors, a community paediatric dietician and a clinical psychologist. Children will initially be seen by one or more members of the team and a specialist health visitor will carry out part of the assessment in the home or education setting.

The service also provides support and advice for frontline practitioners via training and case discussion.


We accept referrals of children up to 7 years old:

  • Weight faltering (weight fallen by two inter-centile spaces, or persistent weight centile on or around the 0.4th centile) – and satisfactory progress has not been made with primary interventions.
  • Significant difficulties with eating behaviour / feeding, including food refusal and highly selective eaters.
  • Exclusively breast fed babies who demonstrate persistent weight faltering.
  • Children who are gastrostomy fed – for support with transition to oral feeding

Please note: Children who are already being seen by the Child Development Team (CDT) will usually have growth and feeding support from the CDT

All referrals should be sent to Paediatric Referrals Team, Child Health, Willow House, St Mary’s Hospital, Leeds, LS12 3QE fax 0113 8556983.

Referrals will be triaged by the team and the referrer will be informed of the outcome of this process.

Our Teams

The multidisciplinary team has a consultant paediatrician, an associate specialist, a community dietician, a specialist health visitor and access to a clinical psychologist. The team is also supported by other clinic staff (e.g. clinic nurse, play specialist, receptionist and secretarial staff).

The clinic is held at the Child Development Centre, St James Hospital.

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