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Assisted Living Leeds (ALL)


assisted living leeds

Assisted Living Leeds is a new centre that brings together a number of assistive technology services under one roof for the first time.  Phase 1 currently hosts the Leeds Community Equipment Service, Telecare, Blue Badge Assessment and in the future a Single Point of Information.

By locating these services together in a custom designed building we hope to achieve our mission to contribute to Better Lives for the people of Leeds by:

  • Providing universal information and guidance
  • Developing more personalised services
  • Providing service users with more choice and control
  • Delivering more early interventions and preventions
  • Strengthening partnership working between services
  • Co-ordinating the public and private offer
  • Improving service productivity, quality, innovation and value for money
  • Promoting Assistive Technology to citizens and professionals                                           

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Leeds Community Equipment Service (LCES) is an integrated service delivering all aspects of equipment for health and local authority customers of all ages in Leeds.

leeds community equipment service

 LCES oversees all aspects of relevant staff training, information and advice to actual and potential users of equipment, service development and the storage, delivery, installation, collection and cleaning of community equipment.

Equipment is delivered and installed in homes at the request of a range of people who assess patients' needs, such as occupational therapists, district nurses, physiotherapists and others. The equipment is also delivered to hospitals and other stores to be taken to service users’ homes.

Telecare is a service that can support older and vulnerable people to live safely and independently in their own home through the use of simple sensors. Telecare can monitor you, a family member, or someone you care for 24 hours a day, by raising an alert if the sensor detects any problems.

 telecare in leeds

Sensors are placed around the home on ceilings, doors and walls or may be worn by the service user in the form of a pendant, watch or belt.

Equipment includes:

  • sensors which can detect falls, movement, and bed or chair occupancy
  • epilepsy and enuresis sensors
  • medication reminders and pill dispensers
  • smoke, gas and flood detectors
  • emergency pull cords
  • bogus caller alert

The response centre staff will have information about the person using the service, and will be able to identify which sensor has been activated and how best to respond.

Contact Telecare directly on 0113 3783290

Blue Badge

blue badge

Assisted Living Leeds hosts the Council's Independent Mobility Assessment Team who are responsible for administrating and providing assessment’s for Blue Badges in Leeds.

For information on the scheme in Leeds visit the Blue Badge page of the Leeds City Council website

For questions and enquires regarding Blue Badge email bluebadge@leeds.gov.uk, or speak to an advisor on 0113 222 4444, or visit your local One Stop Centre.

To apply for or renew a Blue Badge online visit the national gov.uk website.

If you have used this service in the past, and would like to provide us with feedback as part of the NHS “Friends and Family Test” (FFT) please select one of the links below:

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