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Adult Nutrition and Dietetic Service

Our Adult Nutrition and Dietetic Service is a city wide service supporting adults (16 years and older) with a wide range of nutrition and health problems including:

  • Underweight
  • Diabetes
  • Eating problems, e.g. swallowing difficulties
  • Specialist enteral feeding (tube feeding directly into the digestive system) (Tel 0113 843 08 92)

On referral, the service will offer a consultation at a local clinic or if needed a home visit (including care homes). The dietitian works with the individual to identify the changes that are needed and support the person and any carers by providing practical and accurate information.

The service also provides education groups for cardiac and respiratory problems as these are shown to be effective in supporting people to improve their lifestyles.

Dietitians also work:

  • As part of the community diabetes service
  • As part of the community neurology and stroke services
  • In the local hospices

The service is provided by registered Dietitians with trained support staff and a responsive administration team.


GPs or other healthcare professionals, e.g. community matron or district nurse will discuss the benefits of support from the Nutrition and Dietetic Service and by agreement, refer patients by sending a completed referral form (found on Leeds Health Pathways).

Not eating well? - Give us a bell!

The Dietetics Department and Leeds City Council are pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at preventing and treating malnutrition in older people.

The Malnutrition Helpline puts the public and health and social care professionals in touch with a team of dietitians who can provide advice on a range of issues relating to difficulties with eating and drinking including food access, nutritional supplements, dehydration, screening for malnutrition and pressure ulcers.

The helpline number is 0113 8430905 and is operated between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

There is also an email address people can use: lch.malnutrition@nhs.net

For further information, or to request any resources, please contact the helpline.



Are you thinking of applying for a dietetic post at Leeds Community Healthcare?

All posts are advertised on NHS jobs, but meanwhile please see our flyer here (relates to Band 5 posts). 

Please phone if you are interested in any potential future vacancies for admin, dietetic assistants and registered clinical posts.


Help us get it right

If you have a complaint, concern, comment or compliment please let us know by speaking to a member of our staff. We learn from your feedback and use the information to improve and develop our services.

If you would like to talk to someone outside the service contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 0113 220 8585, Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm or email lch.pals@nhs.net.

The Good News Feed

Eating & Drinking with Care - Care Home Manager Training 2017

This is a half day joint training package with Dietitians and the Speech and Swallowing Team including hands-on activities for up-skilling care home staff in meeting the needs of residents with complex eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties.


Monday 22nd May at Armley Moor Health Centre

Tuesday 24th October at Tech North

To book a place contact: Speech and Swallowing Team at St Mary's Hospital on 0113 305 5173 or eatinganddrinkingwithcare@nhs.net

Visit from Thea
Our CEO Thea Stein has recently written about her trip to the Community Dietetics Service in her weekly segment on Community Talk;

"They are a team who really take quality to heart and have some genuinely brilliant practice...I was impressed with their process for learning from incidents and internal little ‘competitions’ they have going to spur each team on to succeed. They really use data well to drive their work and live our values of being open and honest, continuously listening, learning and taking action."

Thank You Awards 2016

Dietitian Iona Taylor and the Nutrition and Dietetics Service have won the 'Improving Services' Thank You Award 2016.

Award Winning Dietetics

The team has closed out 2016 with some big award wins and nominations. Inside Leeds Community Healthcare Trust the team has won the Involvement Silver Award, and outside the Trust the team received a nomination at the Innovation Champions Showcase Event. Next year the team will be going for Gold in both!


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