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Thanks a Bunch Specialist Nursing Admin Team!

This week’s Thanks a Bunch went to the Specialist Nursing Admin team. They were nominated by Management Support Officer, Donna Stringer for their flexibility, enthusiasm and dedication.

Thanks a Bunch Specialist Nursing Admin Team - w

During the last 18 months, the Citywide Service Admin team within the Adult Business Unit have worked tirelessly. They have all adapted to working from home, which incorporated transferring the phone lines to mobiles, ensuring all the services continued with no disruptions to patients or the services, and setting up a rota for staff to be in the office whilst ensuring social distancing was always maintained, so admin could be available for clinicians and deliveries.

During this time, they have had new members to the team and taken on a new service. The new team members have all had to learn new ways of mentoring and learning due to social distancing. For the new service, the team have learnt new processes and filtered this work into their daily tasks. Throughout the last 18 months, the team adapted quickly due to pressures within the Neighbourhood and the redeployment of the clinicians initially and on a continuing ad-hoc basis to assist.

Donna commended them saying, “Throughout this time, they have never grumbled and always have a smile on their faces no matter what comes their way in the day, they have all been stars. As their managers, we can't thank them enough for all the efforts throughout these unprecedent times.”

Ruth Burnett, Executive Medical Director surprised the team at Halton Clinic and said, “We know how hard it has been for everybody with all the pressures inside and outside of work. The work you do is so fundamental not only for staff but patients as well. It’s amazing to acknowledge everything you have done and continue to contribute to the Trust. It’s definitely not unnoticed and is massively appreciated.”

The team are acknowledged for demonstrating the Trust behaviours of: Caring for our patients, Making the best decisions, Leading by example, Caring for one another, Adapting to change and delivering improvements, Working together, and Finding solutions.

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