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Thanks a bunch Sheila!


May’s Thanks a Bunch went to Sheila Marsden, Lead Therapist for the Community Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (CNRC) for her continuing dedication and especially for her recent work with a patient with a neurological condition. 

Sheila attended an electric stimulation and rehabilitation training course and arranged to trial equipment with a past patient. His neurological condition meant his independence had declined significantly in the past year - he was unable to walk, complete his personal care and hold his 18 month old son. 

During the trial, he was able to walk with assistance and move in a safer more controlled way. The severity of his Ataxia (uncontrolled movement of limbs) was also reduced. These changes significantly impacted his quality of life. He’s now able to stroke his dog and play with his son. 

Bryan Machin, Executive Director of Finance, surprised Sheila at work at St Mary’s Hospital. He said “It’s something that you will all do every day here, but this is about going the extra mile and really fighting for patients and getting involved in things which it would have been easy to just accept that its’s not available. So on behalf of the Trust, and more importantly on behalf of the patient, thank you very much for going the extra mile.”

Sheila was nominated by Lisa McInerney, Clinical Team Manager, who said “This is an excellent example of the benefits of supporting staff to attend learning opportunities and how this one day training has impacted the clinicians practice and a patient’s quality of life.” 

Sheila said “I’m really grateful that I went on the training and saw the new innovation. If I hadn’t this gentleman’s life wouldn’t have been changed and that’s where I get the most satisfaction from.” 

Sheila was acknowledged for the Trust behaviours of: Working together, caring for our patients and finding solutions.


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