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Thanks a Bunch Shannon and Rachel!

This week’s Thanks a bunch went to Administrator, Shannon Pearson and Administration Assistant, Rachel Eddon at Morley Health Centre. They were nominated by Senior Clinical Practitioner, Kate Barker from the Continence, Urology and Colorectal Service (CUCS) team for their compassionate and supportive involvement during a patient incident at Morley Health Centre.

Steph Lawrence presents the Thanks a Bunch award to Shannon and Rachel (3)

Kate wanted to acknowledge the support she received as a clinician from Shannon and Rachel who were working on reception at Morley Health Centre when they had a sensitive situation with a patient who was delayed for her appointment with CUCS. Rachel and Shannon treated the patient with the upmost respect and patience and instantly sorted out the items Kate required in order to manage the sensitive situation, displaying an excellent example of teamwork.

Kate praised Rachel and Shannon saying, “It certainly wasn't a scenario I would expect reception staff to get as involved with, and the way they got involved, care and compassion at its best. Thank you, ladies. They are an asset to Morley Health Centre and I wanted that to be acknowledged.”

Steph Lawrence, Executive Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals surprised Rachel and Shannon to thank them for their amazing efforts and said, “What you did obviously meant massive amount to Kate and to the Trust. That’s what being a team is, it’s not always about the nurses and the doctors, you guys play a massively important part so thank you.

Rachel/Shannon said, “This was a lovely surprise for us both and we very much appreciate the acknowledgement. We just responded in a natural way and want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible. Thank you again.”

Rachel and Shannon are acknowledged for demonstrating the Trust behaviours of: Caring for our patients, Making the best decisions, Leading by example, Caring for one another, Working together, and Finding solutions

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