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Thanks a Bunch Liz!

This week’s Thanks a bunch went to Service Manager and Integration Lead Elizabeth Keat. She was nominated by Named Nurse (Safeguarding Adults) Grace Stewart-Hanson for the commitment, compassion and the endless support Liz provides.

Steph Lawrence and Grace present the Thanks a Bunch award to Liz Keat

Grace explained that Liz works hard with and for the homeless and always strives to offer the best care and help under difficult circumstances. She works in an inclusive and non-judgemental manner which is easier said than done. Everyone is her equal regardless of their situation and this includes staff. Whenever concerns are discussed, Grace added that she “can feel her passion and determination to do the best she can for her patients.” Even when she faces challenging situations, Liz doesn’t let anything phase her, maintaining a high level of professionalism in everything she does. Despite the challenges she faces, Liz still makes time to help her colleagues and offer her time and support.

Grace praised Liz, “This woman is a humble example to us all. Whenever I do speak with Liz, I'm left feeling brighter as she always gives a compliment and a boost to your self-esteem. I actually think I love this woman!”

Executive Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals, Steph Lawrence surprised Liz and commended her, “You're always so down to earth, never make a fuss and always put in your all so you absolutely deserve it Liz. You're such an asset to the organisation and we're very lucky to have you.”

Liz said “I have always said I have one of the best and most joyful jobs in an organisation that genuinely cares and values people. I was overwhelmed to receive this, I work in a team that always sees the best in people and their potential, and cares with such warmth, empathy and humour and LCH reflects this. It is so humbling that someone takes the time nominate someone for these awards and that says so much about them, that  they can generously notice others and take the time to do this, so thank you so very much Grace.”

Liz is acknowledged for demonstrating the Trust behaviours of: Caring for our patients, Leading by example, Caring for one another, and Finding solutions

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