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Thanks a Bunch Lisa!

This week’s Thanks a bunch went to Learning Disabilities Lead, Lisa Smith. She was nominated by Outcome Measure Project Lead, Iona Elborough-Whitehouse for her dedication and enthusiasm in all the tasks she undertakes and the support she provides her colleagues.

Thea Stein and Iona present the Thanks a Bunch award to Lisa Smith

Iona chose to nominate Lisa because of her commitment to improving the way we care for people with learning disabilities. Lisa has spent countless hours with Iona helping her to create appropriate resources which will be used by numerous people. She not only shared her expertise and vast experience, but Lisa also took the time to learn about the content of what needs to be shared, so that she can advise the best format for conveying the information. Lisa contributed many hours to support the team with the Clinical Outcome Measures Roadshow 2021.

Iona added, “Lisa hasn’t shied away from challenging assumptions and advocating for people but she always does it in an informative and collaborative way. She's an asset to our organisation and I'd like to recognise her for being a superstar.” 

Thea Stein, Chief executive praised Lisa for her diligence and showed her appreciation, “Iona wrote lovely things about you and the work you have done but I know that your nomination is what lots of people feel in the Trust. You have given huge value around our work on learning disability and really upped our game."

Lisa said, “I will often challenge the opinions of making things simple and Iona took to that really easily and then we just bounced. We've done it together and bounced ideas back and forth using our individual expertise to create an effective collaboration.”

Lisa is acknowledged for demonstrating the Trust behaviours of: Caring for our patients, Leading by example, Adapting to change and delivering improvements, Working together

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