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Thanks a Bunch Joanne!

This week’s Thanks a bunch went to Joanne Dixon, Team Leader for the Children's Continuing Care Service. She was nominated by Yvette Allen for her tremendous work throughout the pandemic, supporting her team, patients, and their families during difficult times.

Thanks a bunch Joanne Dixon! (3) (1)

The service has had to take night cover from some of their most vulnerable ventilated children at times to ensure equity of service users.  Joanne has communicated with parents and carers to explain why they have lost their night and often day cover and to explain how the service intends to ‘payback’ those hours to the families; phone calls that at times have been challenging to make.  Throughout these tasks, she has maintained a professional and calm demeanour, despite the tone and at times quite emotive response of the families. Joanne’s professionalism, dedication and diligence has ensured the service has kept running efficiently.

Thea Stein, Chief Executive surprised Joanne and acknowledged, “I know how hard this team worked throughout the pandemic. You do extraordinary work always, but to do extraordinary work in extraordinary times is amazing. You’ve been an outstanding source of support for your team and it’s quite inspirational. When I read what Yvette wrote about you I was very moved because you clearly go above and beyond all the time. It was a pleasure to come here to say thank you to you for being amazing and thank you to the whole team.”

Joanne said, “The team and the families mean so much to me. I’m amazed to receive this award and to know I was nominated by my team. Our frontline staff have worked so hard through the pandemic and we’ve all pulled together as a team to get through the difficult period.”

Joanne is acknowledged for the Trust behaviours of: Caring for our patients, Leading by example, Caring for one another, Working together, Finding solutions

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