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Thanks a Bunch ICAN Admin Teams!

This week’s Thanks a bunch went to the ICAN Admin teams who were nominated by paediatrics administrators, Sarah Meanwell, Helen Felton-Glenn and Julie Smith for their hard work, motivation and teamwork throughout the pandemic.

Thanks a Bunch ICAN Admin Teams - w

They have adapted to many changes over the past year and the teams have worked hard to ensure they meet their service needs. The teams have had to change from working solely in the office to a mixture of both to ensure safe working. Whilst this presented difficulties at first, they have strived to make it work and have found solutions to problems along the way.

The staff and teams have supported each other and helped each other out in difficult times, particularly in times where some teams have faced staffing issues. They have maintained office cover throughout the whole pandemic to ensure that services can continue to run smoothly. The teams have maintained a high work ethic through the challenges of mask wearing, heatwaves and staff isolation.

Their commitment to safe working was highlighted when almost a whole team was notified to isolate. They quickly found solutions to keep the service running as all the teams offered their help and support.

Julie Smith who also nominated the Central ICAN Spa Team said, “As front line admin dealing with and adjusting to the many changes during this time, each person in the team works above and beyond what is asked of them and have all pulled together to ensure we keep the services running efficiently and smoothly and with a smile.”

Sam Prince, Executive Director of Operations surprised the teams and praised them “ You've gone above and beyond all the time, you've adapted and found solutions all whilst looked after each other, definitely living our values all the time. And of course, everything you do contributes to fantastic patient care so a massive thank you.” 

The ICAN Admin teams are acknowledged for demonstrating the Trust behaviours of: Caring for our patients, Leading by example, Caring for one another, and Finding solutions

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