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Thanks a Bunch Christine!


This month’s ‘Thanks a Bunch’ was awarded to Christine Sutcliffe from the Respiratory Specialist Team for her commitment and empathy towards patient care.

Recently, a patient who had been under Christine’s care for many years was admitted into hospital and unfortunately passed away whilst in A&E. Christine went to visit the patient in A&E and stayed with them and their family right until the end to provide comfort and support. Following this incident, Christine was invited by the family to the patient’s funeral. The priest personally thanked her on the family’s behalf for all the care and kindness she had provided to the patient whilst he was alive.

Harriet Owen, Operational Lead for Long Term Conditions, nominated Christine for the award. She said: “Christine is a dedicated nurse who always put the wellbeing of her patients above all else. She always has a smile on her face and uplifts the team. The example given for her nomination highlights how much we impact the lives of those we treat and that can far too often be forgotten in our day to day working life.” 

Thea Stein, Chief Executive presented Christine with a bunch of flowers and a certificate. Thea said “It was a great bit of care but also that personal connection that we always want to know we’re making. It obviously touched a lot of people and I’m just really happy to be here to say thank you.”

Christine was very surprised and almost stunned into silence. She thanked everyone and said she was grateful for the recognition even though she said she had been close to the family and had helped them prepare for the inevitable passing of their loved one.

Christine was acknowledged for the Trust behaviours of: Caring for our patients and Making the best decisions.

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