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Thanks a Bunch Amanda!

This week’s Thanks a bunch went to Clinical Assistant Amanda Shulver. She was nominated by Community Staff Nurse Matthew Devlin for her compassion, hard work and dedication.

Laura Smith and team present the Thanks a Bunch award to Amanda

Matthew explained that Amanda is one of the most kind, caring and considerate people both inside and outside of work. Amanda has a true passion for her role as a NCA at Middleton and is always prepared and willing to go above and beyond for patients and colleagues. Amanda is the type of person who will stay late at the end of a shift to help out her colleagues, is always a phone call away and on hand if needed and is a great source of support and encouragement for her cluster. She always looks to find the positives with patients and is able to spot vulnerable patients and make sure they receive the attention they deserve.

Matthew added, “Amanda is truly one of a kind and I couldn't imagine work without her.”

Director of Workforce, Laura Smith surprised Amanda and praised her, “What an amazing accolade to receive and its such a privilege to deliver the news to a truly remarkable person.”

Amanda is acknowledged for demonstrating the Trust behaviours of: Caring for our patients, Caring for one another, and Working together

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