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Leeds to get second innovative Leg Club

iStock-1014822692NHS Leeds CCG and Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust have been working together in partnership with the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation to open a second Leg Club in the Leeds area.

Garforth Leg Club will launch on Wednesday 3rd April 2019 and be available for patients with lower limb problems ranging from varicose veins and leg ulcers to difficulties in walking.  It is the second Leg Club to open in Leeds and follows the success of Otley Leg Club.

Garforth Leg Club will follow the award-winning Leg Club model founded by former district nurse Ellie Lindsay OBE. Leg Clubs offer holistic treatment on a drop-in basis, in a non-medical setting, through a partnership of nurses, members (patients) and volunteers from the local community. The emphasis of the Leg Club is to empower members to participate in their care, in an environment that helps to reduce the social isolation often associated with lower limb conditions.

In addition to providing benefits to patients, it is anticipated that the Club will also result in cost savings for the local health economy. Clinicians will be able to treat Leg Club members collectively in a dedicated two-hour session saving on appointment times for practice nurses and travelling time for district nurses.   

Lisa Tindall, Garforth Leg Club Lead Nurse said: “As a locality we felt this was a great opportunity to promote and commence collaborative working with the wider services available correlating with a health and social model which reduces isolation and promotes health.

We already have a Leg Club in the Leeds area at Otley and we have learned from their success.  Our demographic is similar in that we are semi-rural with a high prevalence of elderly patients and a substantial number of patients with lower limb conditions which would benefit from the Leg Club model.”

Catherine Venable, Service Manager for the Neighbourhood Teams said ““LCH staff are excited to work collaboratively with our partners to support this service, which will enhance care delivery and help promote independence and wellbeing for its members.”

Garforth Leg Club will be held at Garforth Neighbourhood Elders Team (NET) in Dover Street in Garforth. As well as providing a venue for the Leg Club, Garforth NET has a identified several volunteers to support the Leg Club on a weekly basis including a retired nurse. The Club will be led by the volunteers who will be responsible for greeting and registering members upon arrival, providing refreshments and organising social activities.

Garforth Leg Club will be held every Wednesday from 10:00am to 12:00pm at Garforth Neighbourhood Elders Team (NET) in Dover Street, Garforth, LS25 2LP

For more information please contact Lisa Tindall, Garforth Leg Club Lead Nurse, on 0113 287 7321.

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