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Invitation to our live Board Meeting

You are invited to observe our live Board meeting in public

If you would like to observe the live Board meeting via Microsoft Teams, please click on the link below just before the time the meeting is due to start (if you attempt to join after 9am, you may not be admitted)

Join December 2020 Board meeting

You do not need a Microsoft Teams account to join the meeting; you can join as a guest.

If you do have a Microsoft Teams account and you chose to log in and join using your account, your full name and other details will be visible to other people in the meeting.

During the meeting you will not be an active participant therefore you will not be invited to ask questions or provide any comment, your role will be to observe the meeting and you should switch off your camera and mute your microphone. Should you interrupt or disrupt the meeting, you may be asked to leave.

If you would like to raise questions, please see the webpage section explaining how to submit questions, which must be done in advance of the Board meeting.

Please use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for your browser as Internet Explorer 11 is no longer compatible with Microsoft Teams (as of 30 November 2020).



What to do if you need to speak to someone urgently...