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Hello my name is . . . Steph

To celebrate 'Hello my name is . . .  Day' (23 July 2019) we want to share real stories from you, our service users and staff to emphasise the vital impact of something that costs little money or time.

Please find the next in this series of real stories from Steph Lawrence, Executive Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals at Leeds Community Healthcare, below.

Hello, my name is . . . Steph Lawrence.

StephWhen my Grandma was admitted to hospital with a fractured hip she was very frightened and this was heightened by her dementia.

The nurses and other staff on the ward repeatedly failed to introduce themselves despite all of their badges suggesting they were aware of the ‘Hello my name is ...’ initiative.

My Grandma would ask me who the staff were and I would have to say I wasn’t sure either.

I began to ask staff if they could introduce themselves to her and the response was often that they didn’t bother because she has dementia and would forget.

I explained that I knew she would forget but that makes an introduction even more important. Knowing who they are alleviates her anxiety and helps her feel more comfortable on the ward.

I have always believed this campaign is so important and is so much more than wearing a badge!

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