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Hello my name is . . . Sam

To celebrate 'Hello my name is . . .  Day' (23 July 2019) we want to share real stories from you, our service users and staff to emphasise the vital impact of something that costs little money or time.

Please find the first of these real stories from Sam Prince, Executive Director of Operations at Leeds Community Healthcare, below.

Hello, my name is . . . Sam Prince.

My Mum is an independent, but quite frail, 90-year old woman.

She has age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and as a result has to visit an eye clinic for injections every 6-8 weeks. 

She has been visiting for years and has built up a strong rapport with the regular team. She is feisty and quite able to speak for herself.

One day last year we were at the eye clinic and the Orthoptist had welcomed Mum and was doing the initial tests. A locum doctor then came into the room, sat at the computer and began reading her notes. 

He then said to the Orthoptist “is she diabetic?” and continued asking the Orthoptist questions about her. My Mum kept opening her mouth to answer the questions but didn’t have chance.

I was really cross and asked the doctor if he had heard of the ‘Hello My Name is…’ campaign. At that point he left the room without comment then came back moments later. He went straight over to my Mum, shook her hand and said “Let’s start again, my name is Dr X and I’ll be doing your injection today.”

The difference this made to my Mum was significant. She talked afterwards about being scared that someone she didn’t know was about to stick a needle in her eye but once she knew his name and there had been a personal connection she was much more confident about the procedure.

The simplest of things like introducing who we are can make such a difference.

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