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Hello my name is . . . Bernie

To celebrate 'Hello my name is . . .  Day' (23 July 2019) we want to share real stories from you, our service users and staff to emphasise the vital impact of something that costs little money or time.

Please find the second of these real stories from Bernie Bell, Business Development Lead at Leeds Community Healthcare, below.

Hello, my name is . . . Bernie Bell.


Five years ago my sister Steff was in hospital and had been diagnosed with Neuro Endocrine tumours. After 2 weeks we were told she was terminally ill and she had a matter of days. We were then asked what we wanted in terms of her end of life care.

During the whole time, every person introduced themselves, gave us time to absorb information, and didn’t use jargon. We were made endless cups of tea, and staff answered our questions and Steff’s openly and with compassion.

I do not remember a single name or face from that week but I do remember every single act of kindness.

The traumatic memories fade allowing all the good memories of Steff, her life, love and laughter to emerge, and remembering the compassionate care she received in her last few days is all part of the healing process.

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