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Community nurses help on the mission to end period poverty in East Leeds

L-R Rachel Smith, 0-19 Specialist Public Health Nurse, Joanne Connolly and Sayona Hofmann, Customer Service Administrators.

From this week, East Leeds Health Centre has become the latest donation station and collection point for the Freedom4Girls charity.

The Leeds-based charity was set up to tackle period poverty and actively supports women and girls who struggle to afford or access safe menstrual products.

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust staff are actively supporting the charity.

Rachel Smith, 0-19 Specialist Public Health Nurse (you may know them as Health Visitors) for Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, wanted to start a donation station and collection point at East Leeds Health Centre to provide menstrual products to women and young girls in need.  Free products are now available in the toilets along with vouchers which can be exchanged at Reception for a discreet pack of sanitary products.

Rachel said: “We want to encourage people to feel comfortable talking about their needs and experiences and reduce the stigma around period poverty to make sure that all young people can access sanitary products. We hope to roll out the initiative across all health centres in Leeds.”

Victoria Abrahams, Operations Manager at Freedom4Girls, commented: “Our city wide donation station model has seen excellent results in providing vulnerable women and girls from a wide range of backgrounds with access to products, ensuring their health and dignity are protected during menstruation. We welcome all organisations, businesses and members of the public who support this movement and thank Leeds Community Healthcare for supporting the campaign and so many in need.”

If you would like to be involved you can do so by:

  • Donating products to East Leeds Health centre – colleagues on Reception are involved in the project and we will bag up and store products for our health centre and any other health centre on request.
  • Get involve with your Health centre of work - either collect your own stock or pick up some from our donation station to provide products in your toilets and Reception

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