NHS Trust encourages staff to take a selfie for Safeguarding

LCH Chief Executive Thea Stein takes the first selfie for Safeguarding Awareness WeeekA local NHS Trust is encouraging staff to take a selfie for Safeguarding as part of an upcoming awareness week.

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust are holding a Safeguarding Awareness Week from Monday 19 September, and have been asking as many staff as possible to share their snaps to show their support in protecting the city’s vulnerable adults and children from neglect.

Sharon Thomas, Specialist Nurse for Adult Safeguarding at Leeds Community NHS Trust said, “Everybody, regardless of age, colour or background has the right to live their lives free from abuse and neglect, but sadly this isn’t always the case. Abuse can take many forms- physical, sexual and psychological to name a few, and want our staff to know the Trust has an expert and dedicated Safeguarding Team there to support them in their work in the community.

“As well as having some fun along the way, the focus of the week is to raise the profile of safeguarding by bringing healthcare professionals working across a range of sectors along with members of the public together to promote learning and development around the subject so we can make the lives of vulnerable people in our city safer.”

Just over eight per-cent of women and four per-cent of men were estimated to have experienced domestic abuse in 2014/15, equivalent to an estimated 1.3 million female and 600,000 male victims.

The Trust will be holding a series of drop-in sessions at health centres across the city, giving staff the chance to meet the Safeguarding Team and learn more about their role within the NHS and work with other agencies and organisations. There will also be the chance to brush up on the latest Safeguarding processes and procedures and obtain take away guidance and contact details. 

To promote the week-long event, the Trust also held a twiddlemuff knitting competition, and have arranged a sponsored Alzheimer’s memory walk later in the month. 

 PHOTO: Chief Executive Thea Stein takes the first selfie for Safeguarding Week

Show your support for Safeguarding! Download your placard and Tweet it to @LCHNHSTrust using the hashtag #LCHSelfie