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Contact details:

After 5pm, please refer to the Twilight Hubs below:

Twilight Hubs - Hours of Operation

North Hub

  • 0113 843 2637 (Clinical)
  • 0113 843 1783 (Patient)

South Hub

  • 0113 207 7036 (Clinical)
  • 0113 207 7023 (Patient)

West Hub

  • 0113 843 2844 (Clinical)
  • 0113 843 2828 (Patient)

Out of Hours

  • 0300 003 0045

Health Case Management

  • 0113 378 2721

We cannot guarantee a visit for any patients to be seen within 0-4 hours for referrals received after 5pm

Neighbourhood Team Information 

What we do 

  • Application of compression hosiery
  • Assessment and review including assessment of nursing need and care planning
  • Bladder and bowel movement
  • Bowel management including: administration of enemas (Microlax/ Phosphate/Other), Peristeen irrigaton, Suppository, Manual/Digital Evacuation, Bowel Irrigation, Stoma Care
  • Case management
  • Catheter care- Urethral, Suprapubic, Intermittent, Urostomy, Nephrostomy. Support Offered: Advice/education, Emptying of bag, Routine change, Site Maintenance.
  • Chest drain management
  • Community Care Bed (CCB) support
  • Falls management and prevention
  • Flu vaccinations (delivered externally 2021)
  • Health and Personal care support in the home environment for continuing care eligible patients at the end of life
  • Eye care/prosthetic management
  • Intravenous Line Care including Hickman, PICC, Portacath, Other. Line Care including: Medication Disconnect, Routine Flush, Site Maintenance
  • Long term conditions care and management
  • Medication administration, support and review Administration, Prompt, Supervision, Teaching/Education, Symptoms Management
  • Moving and handling assessments - impaired mobility, balance, and falls
  • Nebulisers
  • Insulin administration and support with managing diabetes
  • Pain management
  • Palliative care packages/palliative care for patients eligible under continuing care fast track status
  • Prescribing
  • Risk assessment
  • Rapid response multi-disciplinary care packages to prevent hospital admission
  • Safeguarding referrals and alerts
  • Self-management
  • Support for carers
  • Supporting family and carers through bereavement
  • Tests and investigations
  • Tissue viability
  • Tracheostomy care/oral/tracheal suction
  • Venepuncture for patients known to LCH Neighbourhood Team
  • Equipment assessment, ordering and review
  • Tube care including Connect / Disconnect, Flush, Medications, Balloon Change, Balloon volume check, Tube change, Tube rotation, Advance and rotate.
  • Enteral feeding including Gastrostomy, Jejunostomy, Nasogastric, Naso-jejunal, Other.
  • Ear care including irrigation and administration of medication
  • Discharge care planning including supporting discharge for End Of Life patients to die at home or their preferred place of care
  • Daily nursing review of end stage end of life patient
  • Virtual Ward (Frailty) to prevent admission to hospital
  • Wound care, management and prevention damage
  • Provide rapid response assessment for patients at immediate risk of admission and implement interventions to help them remain at home and return to independence
  • Where patients are unable to remain safely at home with support, we can provide facilitation of admission to community care bed or hospital where medical needs are identified that are not manageable within the community setting
  • Provide supported discharge planning and assessment for patients who are in hospital or a Community care bed and could be at home with appropriate support. Support offered is the same as for the rapid response offer.
  • Rehabilitation following acute illness/ hospital stay to optimize function.
  • Environmental assessments to support discharge planning and/ or to manage safety and risk
  • Provide holistic/physio/OT assessments for people whose needs would be best met by a home assessment and who are not eligible for specialist services input
  • Falls risk assessment, interpretation of findings, implementation of a rehabilitation and falls prevention plan. Signposting for non-therapy needs.
  • Long term condition management and optimisation including physical wellbeing and mental health aspects. Self-management of conditions is supported and optimised.
  • Rehabilitation of activities of daily living including specialist functional assessment, and treatment.
  • Case management including chairing case management meetings and attending care planning meetings where appropriate, to optimise patient outcomes.
  • Provision of rehabilitation following orthopaedic conditions fracture/joint replacement where outpatients is not suitable.
  • Assessment and signposting or provision of equipment required to optimise independent living and meet patient’s needs.
  • Provide advice to care home staff re patient needs e.g., falls risk management, mobility, and transfers.
  • Provide appropriate assessment and treatment in relation to maximising independence, quality of life and symptom management of patients with a palliative diagnosis.
  • Pharmacy technicians, aligned to neighbourhood teams, providing support with medicines management.
  • Referral to appropriate services to optimise health and wellbeing outcomes
  • Safeguarding referrals and alerts
  • Support and advise provided to carers including training as required e.g., moving and handling, encouraging functional activity.

Click the Neighbourhood Team below to find out which GP Practices are linked.

Contact Details

Cluster 1

Manor Park Surgery, LS13 2UP.  Practice Code: B86015

Bramley Village Health and Wellbeing Centre, LS13 2BL.  Practice Code: B86104 (Branch surgery Cottingley supported by Beeston / Branch surgery Middleton Park supported by Middleton)

Cluster 2

Thornton Medical Centre, LS12 1JE. Practice Code: B86060

Priory View Medical Centre, LS12 1HJ. Practice Code: B86024

Cluster 3

Armley Medical Practice, LS12 3HD (Previously Armley Moor Health Centre). Practice Code:B86003

Beech Tree Medical Centre, LS13 4JH. Practice code: B86655

Cluster 4

Hawthorne Surgery - Wortley Beck Health Centre, LS12 5SG. Practice Code: B86672

Whitehall Surgery - Wortley Beck Health Centre, LS12 5SG. Practice Code: B86071

Contact Details

Cluster 1

Leeds City Medical Practice - Parkside Surgery, LS11 5LQ. Practice Code: B86012

Beeston Village Surgery, LS11 8PN. Practice Code: B86667

Shafton Lane, LS11 8PN. Practice Code: B86095

Cluster 2

City View Medical Practice - Shafton Lane Surgery, LS11 8LH. Practice Code: B86002 

Cottingley GP Surgery, LS11 0HJ. Practice Code: Y00025

Oakley Medical Practice, LS11 5HT. Practice Code: B86005 


Contact Details

Cluster 1

The Garden Surgery - East Leeds Health Centre,  LS9 9EF. Practice Code: B86054

Lincoln Green Medical Practice - Burmantofts Health Centre, LS9 7TE. Practice Code: B86675 

York Street Medical Practice, LS9 8AA. Practice Code: B86669 

The Light Surgery, LS1 8TL. Practice Code: Y02002 

Cluster 2

Bellbrooke Surgery, LS9 6AU. Practice Code: B86081 

Ashton View Medical Centre, LS8 5BS. Practice Code:  B86623 

Rookwood Avenue Medical Centre, LS9 0NL. Practice Code: B86062 

Cluster 3

Shaftesbury Medical Centre, LS9 9EF. Practice Code: B86016. (Church View branch surgery supported by Seacroft)

East Park Medical Centre, LS9 9JD. Practice Code: B86043. (The Halton branch surgery is supported by Seacroft)

Shakespeare Medical Practice, LS9 7TA. Practice Code:  Y02494

Conway Medical Centre, LS8 5DE. Practice Code: B86103 

Cluster 4

St Martins Practice, LS7 3JT. Practice Code: B86100

Westfield Medical Surgery, LS7 3EX. Practice Code: B86031

Chapeltown Family Surgery, LS7 4BB. Practice Code: B86108

Roundhay Road Surgery, LS8 5AN. Practice Code: B86643

The Practice Harehills Corner, LS8 4HQ. Practice Code: B86061

North Leeds Medical Practice - Milan Street, LS17 6QZ. Practice Code: B86013 (Branch surgery North Leeds supported by Meanwood)

Contact Details

Cluster 1

New Croft Surgery, LS18 4SE. Practice Code: B86044

Fieldhead Surgery, LS18 4JY. Practice Code: B86074

Highfield Surgery, LS16 7RX. Practice Code: B86004

Holt Park Medical Centre, LS16 7QD.  Practice Code: B86068

Ireland Wood Surgery, LS16 6RF.  Practice Code: B86044



Contact Details

Cluster 1

Garforth Medical Centre, LS25 1HB. Practice Code: B86048

Cluster 2

Moorfield House Surgery, LS25 1AN. Practice Code: B86658

Elmwood Surgery, LS15 4JX. Practice Code: B86048

Jessamine Cottage Surgery, LS25 3AA. Practice Code: B86048

Cluster 3

Gibson Lane Practice, LS25 7JN. Practice Code: B86036

Kippax Hall Surgery, LS25 7AB. Practice Code: B86092

Cluster 4

Nova Scotia Medical Centre, WF10 2DP. Practice Code: B86089

Grange Medicare - New Cross Surgery, LS26 8DZ. Practice Code: Y00683

Radshan Medical Centre, LS25 7JU. Practice Code: B86037


Contact Details

Cluster 1

North Leeds Medical Practice - Harrogate Road, LS17 6QZ. Practice Code: B86013 (Branch surgery Milan Street supported by Chapeltown)

Moorcroft Surgery, LS17 7AN. Practice Code: B86107

Alwoodley Medical Centre (Nursery Lane, Blomfield), LS17 7AQ. Practice Code: B86008 (Branch surgery Adel supported by Holt Park)

Shadwell Medical Centre, LS17 8AE. Practice Code: B86056

Cluster 2

Rutland Lodge Medical Practice (Carlton Gardens) Ottman Partners, LS7 3DR. Practice Code: B86019

Allerton Medical Centre, LS7 4LF. Practice Code: B86039 (Branch Surgery West field medical practice (Chapeltown)

Newton Surgery, LS7 3JT. Practice Code: B86666

Cluster 3

Oakwood Surgery, LS8 4AA. Practice Code: B86654

Street Lane Pratice, LS8 1AY. Practice Code: B86066

Chandos Medical Centre, LS8 1QR. Practice Code: B86049 (Branch surgery Woodhouse supported by Woodsley)

Cluster 4

Meanwood Health Centre, LS6 4JN. Practice Code:B86059

The Avenue Surgery, LS17 7BE. Practice Code: B86023

Contact Details

Cluster 1

Lingwell Croft Surgery, LS10 3NB. Practice Code: B86042

Middleton Park GP Surgery, LS10 4HT. Practice Code: B86682 (Branch of Bramley Village Health and Wellbeing Centre (Armley)

Cluster 2

Hunslet Health Centre, LS10 2PT. Practice Code: B86633

South Bank Surgery, LS10 2PT. Practice Code: B86035

Church Street Surgery, LS10 2PE. Practice Code: B86642

Cluster 3

Arthington Medical Centre, LS10 2JJ. Practice Code: B86096

Cluster 4

Lofthouse Surgery/The Manse Surgery, WF3 3SA. Practice Code: B86020

New Cross Surgery, LS26 0UE. Practice Code: B86077

Cluster 5

Oulton Medical Practice/Marsh Street Surgery, LS26 8SZ. Practice Code: B86006 (Branch surgery Swillington supported by Kippax)



Contact Details

Cluster 1

Fountain Medical Centre, LS27 9EN. Practice Code: B86067

South Queen Street Medical Centr,e LS27 9EW. Practice Code: B86028

Morley Health Centre, LS27 9NB. Practice Code: B86001

Cluster 2

Leigh View Medical Centre, WF3 1RQ. Practice Code: B86064

Cluster 3

Windsor House Group Pratice, LS27 9NB. Practice Code: B86057

Gildersome Health Centre, LS27 7HL. Practice Code: B86101

Drighlington Medical Centre, BD11 1JU. Practice Code: B86678



Contact Details

Cluster 1

Glenlea Surgery, LS28 5DL. Practice Code: B86050

Cluster 2

Robin Lane Health & Wellbeing Centre, LS28 7DE. Practice Code: B86014

Cluster 3

Pudsey Health Centre (Mulberry Street Medical Practice), LS28 7XP. Practice Code: B86018

The Gables Surgery, LS28 9AP. B86094

Hillfoot Surgery, LS28 7QR. Practice Code: B86011

Sunfield Medical Centre, LS28 6DR. Practice Code: B86058

Contact Details

Cluster 1

Windmill Health Centre, LS14 5JS. Practice Code: B86007
York Road Medical Centre, LS14 6DX.

Church View Surgery (branch of Shaftesbury MC), LS15 8BA. Practice Code: B86016. (Branch of Shaftesbury (Chapeltown)

Cluster 2

Halton Medical Practice (branch of East Park MC), LS15 7HR. Practice Code: B86043 (Branch of East Park (Chapeltown)

Austhorpe View Surgery, LS15 8NN. Practice Code: B86648

Colton Mill Medical Centre, LS15 9JH B86075 (Branch of Ashfield M.C (Seacroft)

Cluster 3

Oakwood Lane Medical Practice, LS8 3HA. Practice Code: B86022

Foundry Lane Surgery, LS14 6GG. Practice Code: B86106

Park Edge Practice, LS14 1HX. Practice Code: B86093

Cluster 4

Manston Surgery, LS15 8DZ. Practice Code: B86009

Ashfield Medical Centre, LS15 8BA. Practice Code: B86055 (Branch of Colton Mill (Seacroft)


Contact Details

Cluster 1

Crossley Street Surgery, LS22 6RT. Patient Code: B86033

Wetherby Surgery, LS22 6JS. Patient Code: B86625

Cluster 2

Church View Surgery, LS22 5BQ. Practice Code: B86010

Boston Spa Surgery, LS23 6PY. Practice Code: B86034

Bramham Medical Centre, LS23 6RN. Practice Code: B86673


Contact Details

Cluster 1

Moor Grange Surgery, LS16 5BJ. Practice Code: B86065

Kirkstall Lane Medical Centre, LS6 3DS. Practice Code: B86109

Laurel Bank Surgery, LS6 3DS. Practice Code: B86086

Cluster 2

Burton Croft Surgery, LS6 4DN. Practice Code: B86030

Hyde Park Surgery, LS6 1SG. Practice Code: B86025

Leeds Student Medical Practice, LS2 9AE. Practice Code: B86110

Cluster 3

Craven Road Medical Practice, LS6 2RX. Practice Code: B86017

Woodhouse Medical Centre, LS6 2SF. Practice Code: B86049 (Branch surgery of Chandos (Meanwwod)

Cluster 4

Burley Park Medical Centre, LS4 2EL. Practice Code: B86069

Vesper Road Surgery, LS5 3QT. Practice Code: B86041

Abbey Grange Medical Practice, LS5 3JN. Practice Code: B86068

Contact Details 

Cluster 1

Yeadon Health Centre, LS19 7PS. Patient Code: B86038

Aire Valley Surgery, LS19 6DD. Patient Code: B86047

Cluster 2

Menston & Guiseley Practice, LS29 6HT. Practice Code: B86052

Cluster 3

Aireborough Family Pratice, LS19 7JN. Practice Code: B86070

Cluster 4

Chevin Medical Practice, LS21 1BJ. Practice Code: B86046

Westgate Surgery, LS21 3HD. Practice Code: B86029


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