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Meet Hannah: Primary Care Team Leader

As part of our NHS 70 celebrations this week we will be proudly sharing a staff story each day to showcase our exceptional colleagues and the lifetime of care we offer!

Today we are introducing you to Hannah Cole, one of the Primary Care Team Leaders based at HMYOI (Her Majesty’s Young Offenders Institute) Wetherby.

Hannah Cole1) Who do you care for?

I care for 15 to 18-year-old boys who have broken the law who are either sentenced or on remand waiting for trial. All the boys have been involved in criminal activity of some sort, ranging from lesser offences to serious crime. They come from all over the UK and, just as with any other community, can suffer from a range of issues including learning difficulties, mental health conditions and physical health conditions including epilepsy, diabetes and cardiac conditions.

2) Describe what you do.

Our function is gatekeepers in a way to every other service. We see a young person at the point of care and then refer on. Initially, every young person sees a primary care nurse first where a comprehensive health assessment is completed.

We do medication rounds, provide sexual health services, update immunisations and run phlebotomy clinics. We do all that in-house. There is also the GP, physio, dentist and optician which we help facilitate.

We also provide emergency response – attending cell fires and what’s called planned removals where an officer has to enter a cell and we do minor injuries assessments for things like bones and fractured hands.

3) How long have you worked for the NHS?

I have been in this qualified post since October 2016. I have worked in the NHS as a support worker since 2010.

4) What do you enjoy most about working for the NHS?

I love the fact we are in a prison and have such high standards – we can provide standards matched to, if not better, than community despite being in a prison setting.

I love working for the NHS and that we provide free care for these people in need. I love wearing my uniform and being an NHS nurse. I love the client group and I love working with the kids.

They might never have trusted a professional before in their life and had no positive engagement yet if you can have a positive bond with them and help them get access to a service they need, that’s a great feeling.

5) Describe your proudest moment.

One of my proudest moments actually was when I had to put my CPR skills to use to save the life of an officer who had choked.

Also qualifying as a nurse really because it’s such hard training - so to get where I wanted to be was brilliant.

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