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Information Governance (IG) is the way the NHS handles all of its information, in particular the personal and sensitive information relating to patients and employees. It provides framework to ensure that personal information is dealt with securely, efficiently and legally. The penalties for breaking data protection can be significant.

Ensuring our staff and clinical leaders are suitably equipped to manage this important area of work is a key priority for LCH, that’s why we’re running a ‘Don’t Ignore IG’ Week highlighting to staff the structures in place to deal with the different rules regarding how data is handled.

Without information, the Trust would not be able to manage individual patients and staff, plan day to day activities, manage the budget, develop services, monitor performance or satisfy the bodies that audit us, such as NHSLA and the Care Quality Commission.

The Trust has a duty to assure the public that any information we hold that could identify any individual, for example a service user, staff member, carer or member of the public, is in safe hands.

Information governance enables us to ensure that information we hold is protected against theft and damage and that it is accurate and reliable enough for the purposes for which it is used.

NHS Codes of Practice and legal obligations can be found on the NHS Digital website.

 We offer support and advice to staff on lots of issues including:


- Data Protection responsibilities

- Access to Information

- Freedom of Information

- Information Security

- Records Management

- Additional Training

- The use of your own personal information by the Trust or others

LCH Staff: The information Governance team is based at Stockdale House. You can contact them for advice and guidance on any issue relating to FOI.

Tel: 0113 2208518

Email: foi.lch@nhs.net

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