Infection Prevention & Control Week: Meet the Team

IPC Team

You may have heard of our Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Team, but do you know what they do? Mop up sick? Pick up used needles perhaps? Think again!


As a Trust, we’re committed to managing and preventing healthcare associated infections such as MRSA and C Diff. That’s why we have a dedicated Infection Prevention and Control team who are on hand to offer both staff and patients specialist advice and effective preventive control measures to stop infections spreading. 

The team, based in Chapeltown, are made up of both nurses and admin staff who all have an interest in micro-biology, having worked in other areas of acute and community nursing.  

Dave Hall, Lead Infection Prevention Nurse said, “We all have a variety of different skills that complement each other very well. The team are all extremely passionate for the job, and care for the health and wellbeing of both staff and patients. We’re involved with all services in the Trust, be them adult, children’s or specialist such as police custody.”

The team also work closely with other healthcare providers across the city not only providing advice and support, but to share evidence, develop and introduce policies and carry out training.

Dave explains, “Every day is different, situations can arise at any time- one minute we could be checking emails in the office, the next we’re dealing with an outbreak on the other side of the city. We have many roles colleagues might not be aware of, such as helping our estates team manage our health centres and clinics, and even advising on what food is served in our inpatient units.”

“But we all agree, as well as the variety of the role, the best part of this job is the team. I work with some amazing, talented and passionate people, whose personalities and skill sets complement each other perfectly.”  

(You can keep up to date with the work of the Infection Prevention and Control Team by following them on Twitter @LCH_IPC)