Leeds IAPT Employment Advisor Service


Leeds IAPT offer an Employment Advisor service as part of a national pilot. This service will be offered and provided to individuals who are eligible for an IAPT therapeutic intervention. The purpose of the service is to provide employment advice to people who are experiencing a common mental health problem and are currently unemployed, looking for a change in job or seeking help resolving issues in their current job.

Once a suitable referral has been received and processed, an Employment Advisor will meet with you, discuss your current employment situation and then discuss with you the next steps in your employment journey. The Employment Advisor won’t provide any form of therapy, but will be able to provide advice on a range of employment related topics which may or may not be informed by mental health related matters, including, facilitating productive communication between you and your employer with your best interest at heart, exploring employment, voluntary, training and education and apprenticeship opportunities. The support you receive will be tailored to your unique needs and you will be supported at a pace that feels right for you.