The depression recovery group is a six session treatment delivered for people with mild to moderate depression. It is essentially a psycho-education and skills based group using broadly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles. The class provides different ways of understanding and treating depression, that have a good evidence base, and that will allow you to assemble a toolbox for your own recovery.

Over the six sessions we will look at:

  • What is depression? Symptoms and different models of depression
  • Behavioural Activation ( Feeling better by doing more )
  • Overcoming rumination (Brooding), problem solving and mindfulness
  • Negative thinking and thought challenging
  • Interpersonal issues and assertiveness
  • Recap and relapse planning.

You need to be motivated and able to attend the course. It is not a forum to talk about individual problems. It’s okay not to contribute to the discussions although taking a proactive approach to trying out the different techniques in between the sessions is essential.

We have been running this group for three years now and most of the people who have attended say that it has greatly helped their recovery.

Catherine, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, explains more about the Depression Recovery Course. 


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