Have you been experiencing mental health problems such as low mood, depression, stress anxiety or panic attacks?

Leeds IAPT can support people experiencing these common mental health problems using a range of therapies. If you are over 17 years of age, registered with a Leeds GP and experiencing one or more of the mental health difficulties mentioned above, self refer to the service by clicking here.

What will happen when I self refer?

 The questions in the self referral work out if IAPT is the right service for you and if so which treatment may be most helpful.  If you would like to read through or prepare your responses before starting the self referral please click here.

Once you have completed this assessment, a member of the IAPT team will be in touch to discuss your needs, and a way forward that will be most helpful to address them.

Leeds IAPT follow the ’stepped care model’, which offers the least intensive intervention or treatment first. This means that you may feel much better quite quickly with a simple and short treatment. However, if your symptoms do not improve with a recommended treatment, we are then able to ’step up’ to a further treatment which may be of benefit.

This service is not appropriate for people who are already receiving treatment from another mental health service or who have a severe and enduring mental health problem.

We offer a range of treatments and will work with you to find the best way forward.

Treatments may be delivered as a class/seminar, online or on a one to one basis, it varies by the different treatment type. They are also delivered at a number of locations across the city.