Helping to prepare for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

These seminars are an introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for people waiting for treatment in Leeds IAPT.They are a series of three seminars designed to be used in conjunction with the booklets “Manage Your Mind”, “Do What Matters” and “Cope With Your Feelings”. These can be obtained by either downloading the documents (below) or emailing with your name and address and these will be sent out in the post.  

The seminars aim to help you understand what to expect from your CBT and to make the most of it . It also helps you to understand what maintains anxiety and depression and outlines techniques to cope and overcome difficulties. All the techniques are included in the booklets.

The seminar called Manage Your Mind focuses on worry and anxiety and what keeps them going. The seminar Cope With Your Feelings focuses on understanding feelings, what maintains negative feelings and how to feel better or cope better. The seminar Do What Matters focuses on goals in cognitive behavioural therapy, how we can become stuck, and how we can get ourselves back on track. 


Manage your Mind

Cope with your Feelings

Do What Matters


Manage your mind

Cope with your feelings

Do what matters

Helping to prepare for Interpersonal Psychotherapy for depression

This seminar is an introduction to Interpersonal Psychotherapy for people waiting for treatment for depression in the Leeds IAPT service.

The seminar aims to help you understand what to expect from your IPT and how to make the most of it. It also helps you to understand how depression and problems in your relationships are linked and how this may be maintaining your depression.  In addition there are some examples of how you can start to make changes to aid your recovery.

IPT Preparation Seminar

About Stress Control Classes


Bert from Leeds IAPT explains how the Stress Control course works. Watch more short films on how Leeds IAPT has helped people.   

About Depression Recovery Classes


Catherine from Leeds IAPT explains more about the Depression Recovery course. Watch how attending the course has helped Jill.  

Mental health information for everyone in Leeds

The Mindwell website - is the single 'go to'  place for information about mental health in Leeds.   Whether you are looking for information for yourself, you are concerned about someone else or you are a professional supporting others, Mindwell provides quick, easy and up to date mental health information.


Many clients find it difficult to relax and need some guidance.  Our download below provides additional support


Abdominal breathing

Forest visualisation

Progressive muscle relaxation

Shortened muscle relaxation