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Have you noticed changes in your sleep? How you feel? or how close you feel to others? Have you felt like avoiding things or been putting things off more?

Getting older can bring with it a range of difficulties which can often lead to feeling worried or anxious, stressed, disconnected or low in mood. Our “Live Well in Later Life” class aims to help address these obstacles by looking at ways to help you deal with stress and worries, connect with others and reconnect with the things you enjoy.

Classes are weekly over 4 weeks…

Session 1: An introduction to the class followed by learning how changes in our outlook can affect us physically, including impacting our sleep.

Session 2: We look at how what we do can affect how we feel as well as introducing some techniques that can help relieve stress.

Session 3: We follow on from session 2 and look at how worry can affect us.

Session 4: We review what we have learned so far and plan how we can maintain our progress in our journey to improved wellbeing.

This class is primarily aimed at people aged 50+, however if you feel that you would benefit from a course aimed at older adults please book your place.

If you would like to more information please call Community Links IAPT on 0113 200 9188 or to book you place please click the image below

Live well in later life_960x499