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What Happens In Urgent Situations?

Sometimes young people or children need to be seen urgently by CAMHS. For example if you have a suspected eating disorder and are losing weight rapidly or have thoughts of seriously harming yourself.

What You Should do if this Applies to You:

It is important to tell someone (for example your parent or staff at school) who can keep you keep safe and get help for you.

Physical safety is the first priority; arrange to see your doctor (GP) who will assess your physical and mental health needs. You need to make sure you let them know how you are feeling as well as your physical symptoms. Your GP will contact CAMHS.

What to do in an EMERGENCY?

If you need immediate medical help (for example you have taken an overdose or seriously harmed yourself) you need to go to the hospital emergency department. 

If you are not sure what to do you can call 111 and get medical advice.

What will Happen if You Need to be Admitted to Hospital Following a Serious Incident of Self Harm?

This leaflet explains what will happen if you need to be admitted to hospital following a serious incident of self-harm.

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