AHPs Day 2018 - Tessa Knowles

Today (Monday 15 October) is the first ever Allied Health Professionals Day (AHPs)– an opportunity for the 14 allied health professions to come together to focus on their brilliant work and celebrate their skills.

Here at Leeds Community Healthcare we are extremely proud of our own AHPs and want to shine a light on their crucial work and achievements by profiling a few of them…

Tessa KWho do you care for?

I care for service users living in the community with nutritional concerns and needs. Their conditions include but are not limited to: COPD, IBS, Type 2 Diabetes and Enteral feeding (tube feed).

Describe what you do.

I am a community dietitian, providing care for adults with and without enteral feeding. I work in collaboration with dietetic assistants, company nurses and other community services to assess and support the nutritional status of patients. We work in clinics, care homes and patients' own homes.

How long have you worked for the NHS?

Just over two years.

What do you enjoy most about your role as an AHP?

I enjoy tackling issues and improving the nutritional impact of a variety of complex clinical conditions. My role often involves a multidisciplinary team approach. I enjoy having the opportunity to provide a better quality of life for service users and to help them to smile through what can be difficult circumstances.

Describe your proudest moment.

Having the opportunity to play a part in the success and progress of dietetic students, witnessing them develop their skills and build the experience needed to gain their Registered Dietitian status and HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) registration.


Tessa Knowles

Community Dietitian

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust