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Delivering same sex accommodation

Every patient has the right to receive high quality care that is safe, effective and respects their privacy and dignity.

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust is committed to ensuring that you are provided with same sex accommodation, because we believe it helps to safeguard your privacy and dignity. 


What does this mean for you? 

  • The room where your bed is will only have patients of the same sex as you. 
  • Your toilet and bathroom will be just for your gender. 

It is possible that there will be both men and women patients on the ward, but they will not share your sleeping area. You may have to cross a ward corridor to reach your bathroom, but you will not have to walk through opposite-sex areas. You will share some communal space, such as day rooms or dining rooms, however if you would prefer not to use the communal spaces we are committed to exploring ways to deliver your care in a way which meets your requirements for privacy and dignity. 

It is likely that visitors of the opposite gender will come into the room or bay where your bed is, and this may include patients visiting each other. It is almost certain that both male and female nurses, doctors and other staff will come into your bed area. 

If you need help to use the toilet or take a bath (eg you need a hoist or special bath) then you may be taken to a ‘unisex’ bathroom used by both men and women, but a member of staff will be with you, and other patients will not be in the bathroom at the same time. 

How we have listened to you 

In developing our same sex accommodation plans we have consulted with our patients using the services we provide and used these comments in our planning. 

We equally plan to continue to consult patients periodically to gain their views on how well our accommodation meets their requirements for privacy and dignity. 

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust will not turn patients away just because a ‘right-sex’ bed is not immediately available. 

What are our plans for the future? 

We will continue to monitor your experience of care in our inpatient units and ensure the care we deliver meets the highest standards. 

What do I do if I think I am in mixed sex accommodation? 

We want to know about your experiences; your comments, views and feedback are important to us. We can use the information you provide to help us improve our services. If you have any concerns or think you are in mixed-sex accommodation, the quickest way to seek help or assurance is to speak directly to the person caring for you or in charge of the ward or area where you are staying. 

Alternatively you may wish to contact the NHS Leeds Patient, Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), who will ensure that your comments reach the correct person or department, or who will advise and help you to resolve any concerns you may have.