About Us

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is quite simply: “We provide the best possible care in every community.”

We will achieve this vision this by:

  • Working with children, adults and families to deliver high quality care
  • Being a good partner
  • Developing and valuing our staff
  • Using our resources wisely and efficiently

Our Vision is underpinned by our Values:

  • We are open and honest and do what we say we will
  • We treat everyone as an individual
  • We are continuously listening, learning and improving

‘How we work’

We have developed seven core behaviours which describe ‘how we work’. Watch our staff talking about how they put these behaviours in to practice in this great video:


How we developed our core behaviours - ‘how we work

There are seven core behaviours that make up ‘how we work’, which are colloquially known as ‘the magnificent seven’.

We worked closely with our staff, patients and members to develop these behaviours. We held a number of focus groups and conducted a range of interviews with staff from all levels alongside patients and members. We really value our staff and treat everyone as individual, so it was vital we listened to their views to develop our behaviours.