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Clinical Governance

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Clinical governance covers activities that help sustain and improve high standards of patient care. It is about recognising and maintaining good practice, learning from mistakes and improving quality of services provided to patients.


Clinical Governance is an overarching umbrella under which all aspects of quality can be collated and monitored, and improvements to patient care can be made. It is a statutory duty placed on NHS organisations since 1999 and requires all healthcare professionals, clinicians, managers and administrative staff, to ensure that the clinical service delivered is “satisfactory, consistent and responsive”.

In Leeds Community Healthcare, our clinical governance team is part of Quality and Professional Development which is led by the Director of Nursing.


This page is currently under development, but in the meantime, here are the sections of our website where you can find out about different aspects of clinical governance in LCH.


Patient experience including:


How you can get involved and give feedback on LCH activities and developments, including:


LCH Charity which funds improvements to LCH services to benefit patients.


Quality Accounts which tell patients, staff and public about the standard of care they can expect from us, how we measure the quality of our services and our plans for further improving the quality




If you’re interested in reading more about Clinical Governance, there are useful descriptions on https://www.rcn.org.uk/clinical-topics/clinical-governance